More details on the Animal Crossing debug mode registers.

Debug register mapping

Almost all of the debug_mode buffer maps to 16-bit debug registers that can be edited through the in-game debug menu. This Python script plots out how the debug mode registers map to a memory offset in the debug_mode buffer: For example, here are the some of the HREG value offsets:

$ ./ -r HREG
H(HREG) 0       @ offset 0x0fd4
H(HREG) 1       @ offset 0x0fd6
H(HREG) 2       @ offset 0x0fd8
H(HREG) 3       @ offset 0x0fda

Debug features

Safety frame

Used to check the safe area of the display.

There are two ways to activate this:

  • Set HREG 39 to -1


  • Set HREG 80 to 41
  • Set HREG 81 to a non-zero value
  • Edit the four registers 82-85 to change boundaries


  • Set HREG 80 to 42
  • Pan the screen with HREGs 82-85 (very glitchy in Dolphin)
  • Edit HREG 81 to reset (or toggle HREG 80 off 42 and then back)

Controller display

  • Set HREG 47 to a non-zero value
  • Press buttons on any connected controller
  • HREGs 40-43 passively reflect controller input

NES Emulator

HREG 3 controls which game ID to launch:

  • -1: Filer mode
  • 0: Default ID set from furniture (e.g. “Golf NES” furniture will launch Golf)
  • 1 or above: Override game ID (e.g. 2 = Balloon Fight, 3 = Donkey Kong)


Set SREG 0 to a non-zero value.